World Environment Day 2019- Deni and kids working on the face masks

The weather couldn’t damper the enthusiasm for face masks at WED on Sunday 2nd June. Deni was keep busy keeping up with all the budding artists keen on putting their stamp on the wonderful wildlife on the sunshine coast.

Despite the rain we had a great day with many visitors to the stall purchasing plants and getting some info on the group. The day was well attended with some great stalls to visit, fantastic food and awesome music. Thanks to all the helpers on the day and SCEC for a great festival. Suzie Pearce

BushCare (Formally CNC)

Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group partners with Sunshine Coast Council through its BushCare program with three Bushcare project sites in operation around Nambour.

The BushCare program is a highly effective environmental stewardship program set up by Sunshine Coast Council. The program is designed for people of all ages with regular and one-off volunteering oportunities.

The three sites in Nambour are:

 Florabunda Pocket, Laidlaw Road Woombye meeting on the first Saturday of the month Winter 8.00 -10 am Summer 7.00- 9.00 am 

Namba Creek, Florence Street Nambour meeting the 3rd Saturday of the month Winter 8.00- 10.00 Summer 7.00 – 9.00 am

Gulung Gung (near Quota Park) Mathew Street or behind Price Busters Howard Street Nambour 4th Wednesday of the month  Winter 8.00-10.00 am Summer 7.00-9.00 am

See the PCCCG Facebook for up to date information

For further sites see SCC website

Help! Clean up Australia Day Sunday 5th March after recent flooding

Clean up Australia Day this Sunday 1st March at 8.30- 11.00 am Morning tea provided, please bring hat, shoes and sunscreen. There also a native plant for you to improve your environment at home!
Neil Anderson to present Platypus walk and talk 16th April 7.30 at old Florabunda

Florabunda Bushcare celebrates 20 years with a Platypus walk and talk

Florabunda Bushcare Nursery Celebrates 20 years with a platypus walk and talk

This year as Florabunda Bushcare celebrates its 20th year anniversary it has been given notice to cease operations on its current site by Sunshine Coast Council’s waste department.  Florabunda Bushcare has been on the site for 20 years but went into negotiations in June 2019 to reconfigure the current site after they were advised the surrounding batter would be resurfaced.  Although originally told that SCC would set them up to the south of the current site they were given notice in February 2021, stating the use is not appropriate to the site due to watering requirements. A ebb and flow closed tray system was offered as a solution but this was denied. We hope to be offered a new site shortly.

Florabunda Bushcare was established by Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group in 2001 to provide local native plants for revegetation and establishment of wildlife corridors along the creek for landholders wishing to restore their properties. Grants were sought from local, state and federal governments to assist the establishment of revegetated areas. Florabunda nursery provides plants for SCC’s celebrated conservation programs; Land for Wildlife, Landholder Grants and Volunteer Conservation Agreements, as well as home gardeners, landscapers and other conservation groups. We are committed to protecting the regions biodiversity by producing our local native plants and making them available at an affordable price. We source local seed to ensure the genetics of our region. We take the time to produce species that are not always commercially viable to grow. The landcare nurseries provide a valuable resource to all Sunshine Coast residents. At a time when land is being cleared in Australia is at a phenomenal rate these nurseries are critical to provide habitat for our disappearing fauna.

We will be celebrating our 20 years with a series of workshops throughout the year and a get together to be announced. First up is our platypus walk on the 16th April at 7.30 am and there will another in June. To register please ring 0754421339 or email