The Petrie Creek catchment will become a stable, self-repairing and self-sustaining natural resource providing ecological, social and environmental benefits for current and future generations.

The origins of the Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group (PCCCG) lie in the community concern generated during debate over building the weir on Petrie Creek in Quota Park, Nambour. In 1998, the Catchment Care Group was formed in response to increasing concern for the health of the Petrie Creek ecosystem.

The group has been active in revegetating many sites from the creek’s headwaters on the Hunchy plateau through to the farmland on its lower floodplain where it joins the Maroochy River. There has been a particular focus on the creek’s most visible reaches where it meanders through Nambour. Spectacular growth of earlier plantings has now stabilised much of the banks and provides an enchanting environment where wildlife can be seen, including platypuses at certain times.

Ongoing activity and plans include revegetation by groups under the Sunshine Coast Council Bushcare Program and PCCCG partnership , major projects funded by governments and other organisations, encouragement and assistance to landholders to use the landholder Environment Grants and Land for Wildlife Program available from SCC.

A particular focus is on informing and educating the community on the benefits of planting local native plants and on providing assistance in all aspects of that through action, site visits, talks and workshops.

PCCCG’s running of The Florabunda Bushcare local native plant nursery is a major operation for it. The nursery is a natural and very important contributor to the revegetation efforts of the Group and all other users in the community: government organisations, bushcare groups, landholders, gardeners, landscapers and developers.

Membership of PCCCG can provide many benefits as well as supporting our aims and is open to all residents of Petrie Creek Catchment or anyone with an active interest in supporting the objects and guiding principles of PCCCG. See membership page for further details.